About The Show

Scorch PFG

I was born in Boston, MA, and grew up, as I like to say on the "MEAN STREETS OF HULL MASS" (where the closest thing to a MEAN street was a MAIN street)..SINCE THEN, I've worked my way up from the "TROUGH CLEANER" at the old Fenway Park, up the ladder to HEAD JANITOR at 6 FLAGS, and FINALLY, I made it to KING CUSTODIAN at CHUCK E CHEESE's.  That's when RUSS and MIKEY came in (not quite sure why...they didn't have any KIDS with them, that I saw at least), and figured I needed a break from the real world...and from this meeting, ROCK ALL NIGHT w/ SCORCH...PFG was Born!!!!


I am a 44 year old single dad. I'm into NFL Football and love the Chargers and the 49ers. I also love movies with a passion and my favorite movie of all time is Apocalypse Now. I am also passionate about my faith, books and automobiles. My first on-air job came when I was 18 years old in Tucson, Arizona. 


This is a dream come true situation for me.  I get to work with two legendary radio talents who each have thousands of Facebook fans.  So my 25 friends get to digitally interact with really great radio guys!  Please listen to our show a lot and if we're not on the air where you live-- call your local classic rock radio station and demand SM&R

What About Rockingman?


Rockingman is the little guy playing guitar inside the Rock All Night logo "splat" He is the spirit guide for the show and all those who listen. Rockingman will soon be the star of all kinds of Rock All Night memorabilia.