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  • SCORCH, MIKEY, & RUSS 10-15-15 Posted 7 years ago
    Hey it's SCORCH!  Join MIKEY, RUSS, and me for the show.  NEXT TIME, we'll talk about how men use HUMOR in our lives.  Also, Mikey had to reschedule a Drs Appt.  It's how it went DOWN that's the issue.  We'll talk about it.   ALTON BROWN is touring and the Ticket prices are not to be believed.  RUSS with the SHreds, MIKEY's Bday Challenge, I'll give you the BRAIN CELL STIMULATOR, and today we do SHOCK COLLAR TRIVIA!!
  • SCORCH, MIKEY, & RUSS 10-14-15 Posted 7 years ago
    Hey It's SCORCH!    Join MIKEY, RUSS, & Me next time.   We'll talk about the Hotel RUSS stayed at in Maine!  ALSO, MIKEY tells us about some good news he recently recieved from the courts!   We'll talk about the new VAN HALEN Book.  MUCH more including Russ's Shreds, Mikey's Bday Challenge, The Brain Cell Stimulator, and today we do WHAT YEAR DIDJA HEAR!
  • SCORCH, MIKEY, & RUSS 10-13-15 Posted 7 years ago
    Hey its SCORCH!  RUSS is out again, so join MIKEY, MEGAN and me!   We'll talk BODY ART with Megan, and what each piece means!!  ALSO, The woman who SUPERGLUED her eye shut!  GUY NIGHTMARES and what they mean!.  MIKEY'S BDAY CHALLENGE, the Best of the Shred with RUSS, The BRAIN CELL STIMULATOR, and today we do SPY THE LIE!
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